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Umbrella Coverage Explained

Liability Umbrella insurance is an additional layer of liability insurance that extends the limit of liability you already carry on your existing policies. These could include your homeowner’s, automobile, investment property, or renter’s insurance. The purpose of the coverage is to add an additional level, or to extend coverage above the already existing liability limits.

These policies are used to protect your assets from accidents where you are held liable, or in the event of automobile accidents, bodily injury. The umbrella policy will increase the amount of coverage available to the extended limit of liability shown on the policy.

The Significance of the Coverage

Liability Umbrella coverage is purchased to shield a customer’s assets from an adverse event or judgement. In today’s litigious society, the possibility of having one’s assets (e.g., home, investments, real estate, investment property, brokerage accounts) exposed is too great a risk. Umbrella coverage can protect these assets, in addition to providing assistance with legal fees.

What's covered with umbrella insurance?


Umbrella coverage will extend the liability coverage of your underlying Homeowner’s policy in the event that the cost of injuries and/or property damage exceeds the limits of liability on your policy.

Secondary Residence

Umbrella liability coverage can be extended to include owned secondary property, such as Vacation Properties, Rental Properties, and vacant land.


Provides additional liability coverage for at-fault (Bodily Injury) and not at-fault (Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist) liability and property damage claims in excess of your underlying auto policy limits.

Other Vehicles

In addition to automobiles, umbrella coverage can also extend to other vehicles, including motorcycles, recreational vehicles, and all-terrain vehicles.


Will provide liability coverage in excess of the liability limits of your underlying policy for all watercraft owned, including boats, and jet skis.


Personal Umbrella coverage requires specific underlying policy coverage limits. Umbrella Coverage is worldwide. Among other things, coverage will include costs of defense such as attorney’s fees and expenses, and can include coverage for libel and slander.

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