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Choose from Multiple Insurance Companies

Whether insuring a fleet or a single vehicle, it is important to remember that coverage terms and options will vary from one Insurance company to another. You should be working with an agent who can present you with multiple options, and best explain these different coverages and tailor them to your specific needs. O.E. Wilson Insurance has many years of experience in providing our commercial customers with comprehensive coverage tailored to meet their specific needs. Let us work with you today to develop a commercial insurance policy that will not only work for you, but meet your specific budget needs as well.

Customize Your Coverage by Vehicle

You can elect to insure a single vehicle or a fleet of vehicles. The coverage on your policy can be adjusted by vehicle to meet the specific needs and circumstance of each vehicle used. Thus, you can better manage the costs of your policy by insuring only those risks specific to each vehicle’s use.

Just as you would use insurance for your personal vehicles, any business owner needs many of the same coverages for the cars, trucks, vans or other vehicles used in their business. Commercial auto coverage will cover any vehicle designated for a business use against both liability and property damage.

Most states have some mandatory level of coverage required to make the vehicles legal to drive. You may also purchase optional coverages such as physical damage for all vehicles the business owns, drives or leases. Each vehicle you use in the business can be scheduled separately on the policy with corresponding coverages.

The coverage on your policy can be adjusted by vehicle to meet the specific needs and circumstance of each vehicle used.

As a business owner or risk manager, you may choose to cover any of the following vehicles:

  • Auto owned directly by the business
  • All autos your business owns, leases or hires, and
  • All autos used for your business, including those that your business does not own, lease or hire

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Types of Coverage

The Typical Coverages Available Under a Commercial Auto Policy

Bodily Injury Liability

Will cover the cost of any injuries or death of another person(s) resulting from an accident that you or your employee are determined to be at fault. These costs can include: medical bills, loss of income, hospital bills, and any pain and suffering damages that result.

Property Damage Liability

Will cover any damage that you or your vehicle may do to another person’s property. Not only will this cover damage done to other vehicles, but also can include damage to landscaping, structures, and fences.

Personal Injury Protection

Will cover you and your employees’ medical expenses and potential lost wages when injured in an accident in a commercial vehicle

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist

Can cover both liability and collision claims. This coverage will cover any medical bills, loss of income, hospital bills and pain and suffering damages that result from an accident where an at-fault driver does not have adequate, or any, liability coverage when your vehicle is involved. It can also cover the cost of repairs given the same circumstance.


Physical Damage Coverage

The value of these coverages is referred to as ‘ACV’ or depreciated value coverages. The most an insured will pay for a loss is the lesser of the depreciated value of the vehicle, or the total cost to repair, or replace the vehicle with one of like kind and quality. There are three categories of physical damage coverage applied to business vehicles:

Comprehensive Coverage

Damage done to your vehicle and any vehicle that you are driving. Includes stolen vehicles, flood, fire, glass breakage, or falling objects damage. Typically, a deductible is selected to reduce the cost of this coverage.

Collision Coverage

Covers the cost of damage to your vehicle when you are in an accident, are hit by another driver, or from a vehicle overturning.

Specified Perils Coverage

Will cover many of the same perils as Comprehensive, but will be limited by those perils named in the policy. For example, it may include only fire and theft, and as a result it may be less expensive

Commercial Umbrella Coverage

Many times, Business owners opt to add an additional layer of liability protection to their commercial auto policies by adding a commercial liability umbrella. This umbrella coverage, typically issued in increments of $1 million, will cover those large liability claims that exceed to selected limits of coverage on the underlying commercial auto policy.

Let O.E. Wilson quote a commercial liability umbrella to show you the cost of adding an additional level of financial protection for your business and its principals. The process is simple and will only take minutes

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What you will need for an Accurate Quote

  • Vehicle Title
  • Year, make and model of all vehicles
  • Stated Value
  • Larger vehicles – Gross Vehicular Weight, number of axels
  • Specific uses for each vehicle listed on the policy*
  • Driver’s License numbers of ALL drivers to be listed on the policy
  • Prior insurance coverage information, including coverage amounts and expiration date

* Examples of vehicle uses can include: (1) carrying or transporting equipment, (2) transporting people as a taxi or limo, (3) trucking and freight, (4) towing other vehicles, (5) delivering goods – pizza, products, or (6) delivering newspapers

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