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According to the Florida DMV, there are over 395,000 car accidents per year in Florida. Additionally, Florida has the second highest uninsured drivers on the road in the United States. With these kinds of statistics, it’s important for Florida drivers to get the best auto insurance coverage.

Factors that Influence the Availability and Cost of Auto Insurance:

  • The location of your Garaging Address.
  • Age and experience of all listed drivers on your policy.
  • Year, Make and Model of the vehicles being insured on your Policy.
  • Driving Records of Drivers on the Policy (Tickets/Accidents/Violations).
  • The number and amounts (‘limits’) of coverage on the policy.
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Policy Coverages

Uninsured Motorist


Reimburses you for costs of injuries (and death) and related expenses incurred in an accident with another driver who is (a) at fault, and (b) uninsured.



Collision coverage reimburses you for damage to your vehicle that occurs as a result of a collision with another vehicle or an object when you are at fault.



Provides coverage against theft and damage caused by an event other than a collision such as fire, flood, vandalism, hail, falling objects and other hazards.

Personal Injury Protection


Also known as ‘PIP’. Pays the primary medical expenses along with hospital and funeral expenses of the injured person, people in the insured vehicle, and any pedestrians involved in an accident. It may also cover lost wages and related expenses. PIP is a ‘no-fault’ coverage.

Bodily Injury Liability


Covers costs associated with injuries and death that you or another driver causes while driving your vehicle.

Medical Payments


Provides reimbursement for medical expenses (and funeral expenses) for injuries to you or your passengers as a result of an accident.

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Auto Insurance Discounts

Everyone is looking for ways to save on their insurance. That’s why we want to educate you on ways you could be saving on your insurance. You may be eligible for a number of discounts on your policy.

Here is a list of discounts that may apply to you:

Paid In Full


Most companies will provide generous discounts for insured’s paying the policy premium in-full. These discounts can generate up to a 10% discount on the total term premium.

Safe Driver


Substantial discounts can be generated by drivers maintaining safe driving records over certain periods of time.



If you are a current homeowner, you may be entitled to a multi-policy discount. Provide a copy of your current Homeowner’s policy Declarations.



Some companies will provide multi-policy discounts for those insureds carrying more than one policy. For example, an insured with an in-force life insurance policy or annuity with the same carrier can generate discounts on the automobile insurance.

Good Student


Parents with youthful drivers – Your students can generate substantial savings on their auto insurance if they are honor roll students. Be prepared to provide copies of school transcripts for each youthful driver on the policy.

Driver Improvement


Drivers 55 and older can take a voluntary driver improvement course to refresh driving skills. Taking this course can qualify these drivers for a discount on their auto coverage.

Useful Information for Completing an Online Quote

  • Dates of Birth for Each Driver to be Insured.
  • Driver’s License Numbers for Each Driver to be Insured.
  • Year, Make and Model of Each Vehicle to be Insured.
  • Vehicle Identification Number for Each Vehicle to be Insured.
  • Company, Effective Dates and Coverage Information from Current Policy.

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