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Auto Insurance

How long does it take to get an auto insurance quote? A Policy?

With the correct information, you should be able to get an accurate quote for your auto insurance in 10-15 minutes. Once the quote has been finalized, it will only take minutes to create a new policy and send it to you. To get the most accurate quote you should have: Garaging location for all vehicles, Dates of Birth for all drivers, Driver’s license numbers and social security numbers for all drivers, year/make/model and vehicle ID number of each vehicle to be insured, information about your current/prior insurance – including any tickets or accidents, and the type and amount of coverage you are looking for.

How much does auto insurance cost?

The cost of an auto policy will be dependent on many factors, some of the most important are: (1) Personal data – age, sex, marital status, (2) Driving record, (3) Where you live, (4) Annual miles driven, (5) Year, make and model of the vehicle(s), (6) Coverage amounts and types, and (7) Credit.

How much Liability coverage should I carry?

The greatest liability risk in most people’s daily lives is created by their vehicles.  The amount of Liability insurance you should carry on your auto policy is dependent on several factors, among them are: (1) The Cost of the coverage, (2) the minimum limits required by the state, and (3) the amount of assets and accumulated wealth of the driver.

Are there Discounts Available on auto insurance?

Most companies will provide discounts on their auto insurance coverage, but it will vary from company to company.  The most common discounts will include: Policy bundle discounts such as auto/home, or auto/life, Safe driver discounts, Good student discounts, driver education discounts, and various affiliation discounts.  Ask our agents if you qualify for any discounts and have them walk you through your options.

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Homeowner’s Insurance

What does Homeowner’s insurance cover?

Most of the policies written in your state are written on a standard form.  These policies will cover, at a minimum: Fire or lightning, Windstorm or hail, Explosion, Theft or vandalism, Falling objects, and water damage.  There will also be a coverage for your personal possessions and a premises liability coverage, along with several other standard coverages.

What is not covered by Homeowner’s insurance?

Flood damage is not a covered loss under a standard homeowner policy.  To insure your home for flood, you will need to purchase a separate flood policy.  Ask our agents to help you determine if you are in a flood zone, and to assist you in calculating the amount of coverage you need and how much it will cost. Remember, to add an additional level of security to your property, you can always purchase flood insurance even if you are not in a flood zone at preferred rates.

Where can I get homeowner’s insurance?

Your agent is an excellent source of information and options for your homeowner’s insurance.  We can help you determine the appropriate amount of coverage you will need, and we can provide you with many quotes and options from highly rated companies to ensure that you will also receive the most competitive rates available.

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Life Insurance

Why do I need life insurance?

Simply, you need life insurance to provide financial protection for your dependents (or creditors) in the event of your death.  You should consider purchasing life insurance for: Dependent spouse, Dependent children, Credit enhancement, Key person indemnification, or business continuation.

How much life insurance do I need?

The amount of life insurance you purchase will be dependent upon the reasons for your purchase.  Life insurance can satisfy a number of needs by providing funds for: Income for a spouse, Pay off debts, Meet estate taxes and expenses, Pay off a mortgage, Pay for children’s education, or Provide funds for retirement.  Our agents will be happy to help you asses your need for life insurance and develop coverage options for you to consider.

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How do I make a Payment?

You can make payments through your agent, or directly to the company.  Payments can be made at your agent’s office, over the phone, over the internet, by mail, or by setting up automatic withdrawals from your checking account.  You can contact your company directly using the links provided in the Make a Payment Tab on this website.

What forms of payment are accepted?

Most companies will accept a check, credit card, money order, or automatic debit from a qualified checking or savings account.  Payments can also be made in cash at the Agent’s office.

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When will I receive my policy?

You will typically receive a copy of your policy within the first 2 to 4 weeks of the Effective Date of the coverage.  If you are concerned that you have not received your policy you can contact our office, and we will be happy to provide you with answers to your questions.

How will I receive my policy?

You will be sent a copy of your policy through regular mail.  However, the number of companies that have begun to deliver policies electronically has increased dramatically.  Companies have begun e-mailing your only copy of the policy directly to you.  We also receive a copy of your policy and will have it on file at our offices in case you should ever need to access an additional copy.

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