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O.E. Wilson Insurance is one of Florida’s leading condominium insurance agents.  Our agency has over 45 years of experience in writing these types of policies in Florida, and we are widely recognized as a trusted authority in providing customers with this special type of insurance coverage.  We have developed long lasting relationships with the companies that specialize in these types of policies, and as a result, we can provide many coverage options for our customers.  Let us put the benefit of our years of experience to work for you today.

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A condominium policy covers the real property interests, the personal property and personal liability of insureds who own a unit in a condominium, or a share an ownership interest in a cooperative building. The amount of coverage on your policy will be greatly determined by the extent of coverage found on the Condominium Association’s Master policy. The Master policy will cover damage to your condominium building’s structure and common areas, the grounds and other external features. Association policies can differ on what they will cover, and you should take the time to discover the extent of the building (and possibly the units) covered. Typically, the Association, or the property managers can direct you to the answers to these questions, or refer you to the Association’s insurance agents for a better explanation of the Association’s policy coverages.

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Condominium Insurance Coverages

Personal Injury Protection



This coverage protects you from losses of items that are attached to the walls of the condo and the interior including drywall, fixtures, cabinets, certain types of flooring, and decorator finishes.

Bodily Injury Liability


Personal Property

Coverage for clothes, furniture, appliances, electronics, etc.

Medical Payments


Additional Living Expense

There may be coverage under your policy to cover temporary housing and living expenses, in the event that you are forced from your condominium unit by a covered loss.

Medical Payments


Personal Liability

Protects you against liability claims in the event that you are liable for injury to another person, or property damage of another person. Legal fees and costs are typically covered as well.

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Talk to an O.E. Wilson Agent Today About Securing Coverage for your Condominium Unit! Remember, Association policies will typically cover only those risks associated with the Building’s structure. You will be responsible for insuring the interior of your unit, and your possessions! Given the threat of lawsuits today, the personal liability coverage is so important to protect you from potential bodily injury or property damage claims.

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